Hotel Web Booking Management System

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HWBMS is the new hotel management system. It provides you with everything you need to manage your business daily. Purchase now HWBMS and start customizing your hotel to your heart's content.

Room Package Types

Flexibly create, edit, add and remove any room package you wish. With HWBMS, it is you who decide how your website should look real- time. Offer special packages to your customers and make the new business idea you have true.

Customize Offers

Whether it is Christmas or summer-time, or you just feel like offering your clients a discount on a particular weekend, with HWBMS you can do it in a few clicks. HWBMS offer system supports multiple dates, minimum stays and per-room-package configuration to give you full control over your online business.

Reservation Management

HWBMS offers you full control over your reservations. With our system you can create, search for, update or delete your reservations whether they originate from the special HWBMS administration panel or the web booking platform.

Grow with Analytics

With HWBMS, we aim at helping you grow your business. This is why we incorporated powerful analytics in our application, so that you can immediately and easily get all the information you need about your hotel. You can view per month how much of your business traffic originates from web or the administration panel and accordingly and real-time adjust your marketing tactics.